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Matt Moran is an Australian chef and restaurateur and the tour de force behind some of Australia’s most celebrated dining establishments. At the heart of every one of his endeavours lies a passion for quality produce that is fresh and seasonal.


Matt’s food career began over 30 years ago as an apprentice at La Belle Helene, one of Sydney’s best restaurants at the time. He quickly rose to the role of Head Chef . . .

About Matt


Matt opened his first restaurant at the age of 22 and has continued to expand his empire since. He now owns some of Australia’s most celebrated venues such as Aria . . .



Matt is a fourth generation farmer. He had a rural upbringing on a dairy farm and today, his family run a property in the Central Tablelands of NSW, which supplies lamb. . .

Moran Farm

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is sharing my enthusiasm for food.

What I really love about being a chef is that I’m always learning; exploring new ideas and trying different things. My passion for cooking has not lessened over the years – quite the opposite, in fact. The incredible diversity of produce available to us now inspires me every day. As a restaurateur I also take an active role in my business and I’m dedicated to the people at the heart of it; fostering their passions and encouraging the professional development of chefs within my teams.

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News & Events

My New Venue

I am so excited to announce my newest venue set to open in Barangaroo on Friday the 15th of December! It has three levels that each offer something different: an inviting bar and food offering meandering across the ground level, a unique dining experience on the first floor, and a rooftop terrace bar with striking views. This project has been over three years in the making and I can’t wait to share it with you! To be one of the first to experience the three levels head to my restaurants page where you can explore the website and make a booking. 

New Cookbook Now Available

My new cookbook has been released. I believe Australian food is some of the best in the world and this book is a celebration of that. As an 8th generation Aussie, and a 4th generation farmer, this book is pretty close to my heart. It might just be my favourite one yet!


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