Cooking at home with Matt Moran

At the heart of every one of Matt’s endeavours lies a passion for fresh, seasonal produce. This philosophy is showcased in his award-winning contemporary Australian menus that emphasise seasonal ingredients, balanced flavours and premium-quality produce.

Matt is a pioneer in Australia of the ‘paddock to plate’ philosophy and a firm believer in the importance of consumers being connected to the source of their food. If it’s out of season, it’s not on the menu. Matt also loves to support inspirational local and regional producers, growers and farmers—each with their own unique stories, that he believes makes eating so much more special.

This seed was planted early for Matt, who spent his childhood on a farm, where a commitment to the land, love of food and seasonal, local produce were instilled in him.

It’s this value of reconnecting with the natural joy of food that aligns with Harris Farm’s ethos. They believe that if it’s in season, you should seize it, which is why we’re working together to bring you something special.

Join Matt Moran each Friday at 6pm to cook one of his favourite recipes at home. You can purchase the Ingredients Box from Harris Farm Markets.

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